Polyester Screen Printing Mesh

Polyester Screen Printing Mesh
Polyester screen printing mesh is a type of woven fabric made from polyester fibers, which is used in the process of screen printing. The mesh is stretched over a frame and ink is then forced through it onto the surface being printed. SPRING Polyester mesh is preferred for screen printing because it has good tensile strength, is resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and can be easily cleaned. It also has a uniform mesh size that allows for consistent ink flow and creates sharp, high-quality prints. SPRING polyester screen mesh is available in different mesh counts from 12mesh to 460mesh (5T to 180T), which refers to the number of threads per inch, with higher mesh counts producing finer detail in the print. With different width can be provided to satisfy the request of different customer's demand.

SPRING Polyester screen printing mesh has the following advantages in the printing industry:

  1. Strong wear resistance: Compared to other types of printing screens, polyester printing mesh is more durable and less prone to damage.

  2. High precision: Polyester printing mesh has a very fine and uniform distribution of mesh openings, which provides higher printing precision and color reproduction.

  3. Excellent tensile strength: Due to the sturdy material structure of polyester printing mesh, it has excellent tensile strength, which can prevent printing distortion caused by elongation or deformation of the printing screen.

  4. Good chemical resistance: Polyester printing mesh has good resistance to chemical agents and water, making it more stable and durable during the printing process.

  5. Reusability: Polyester printing mesh can be reused dozens of times and is very convenient for cleaning, maintenance, and storage, which makes it cost-effective and reduces environmental pollution.